Welcome to The LED Lighting Company

Why buy your LED products from us

We have been in the LED business since 1997, with staff that have approved electronics qualifications and have worked in semicondctor manufacturing and electronics production industries.   We understand how LED products are designed, manufactured and how to use them correctly.

All the products we offer have been tried and tested by us, before we offer them to the market, so we can ensure they come from reliable manufacturing facilities meeting or exceeding all relevant standards.

Professional help with LED sourcing

Over the years, we have built a solid foundation with manufacturers around the world.

We have an ever expanding database of manufacturers and products, which helps us ensure we partner with the right company to supply the products you need.
Need a product?  Ask Us and we will provide a solution.

Custom product development

Got an idea for a product, need a custom LED lighting solution?
We can help manage the project, from evaluation through design, documentation through to production and final test.

Every step along the was we are hands on, ensuring deadlines remain on track, budgets do not spiral out of control and the finished product meets the original specification.

Independant product reviews

Many LED manufacturers supply us with new product samples so that we can test them in exchange for an independant review.
This service builds trust, strengthens our relationships and helps ensure that all constuctive feedback is used to ultimatley improve the product.

Our written reviews have become an essential tool for manufacturers for their sales and marketing teams, to help sell their products.

LED product repairs

From time to time, products can and do fail.
We have the resources to repair LED products and restore them to their full operational condition, in most cases at a fraction of the cost of replacing the product.